Evan - 22 - NB they/them - bisexual - @linsaangs on discord
Hey I'm Evan, I'm a disabled autistic artist and everything I do is a convenient postmortem muscle spasm.

About the Artist


I'm Evan, and I'm a physically disabled digital artist and designer with POTS and EDS. I have a Service Dog in Training named Pepper, a cat named Jolkien Rolkien R Tolkien, a ball python named Baylen, and a leopard gecko named Lemon. I like fantasy, paleontology, and cats. My mascot is King, a banded linsang.

  • Aquarius, 22 (Jan 22)

  • Nonbinary Transmasc (They/Them)

  • Autistic, Bipolar, ADHD

  • Hispanic

  • Bisexual


  • What do you use to draw?

  • I use Paint Tool Sai V2 and Clip Studio Paint for all of my art, and for animating. I draw with a Wacom Intuos Draw Small

  • Do you take art trades?

  • On occasion! I'm very busy, but you can note me and I scroll through and accept a batch at a time when I'm ready! I enjoy doing them, but paid work takes priority I'm afraid! :3

  • How do I commission you?

  • I am now open to take commissions by private inquiry! DM me on any platform, or catch a slot when a special post opens.

  • I would like to order a Flightrising commission, but I can't catch a slot in time when your shop opens?

  • Note me on Deviantart, Tumblr (@/linsaangs or @/blogsneaks), or Twitter (@/mossposting) and I will add you to my proper waitlist!

  • What payments do you accept?

  • I now only accept USD via Paypal unless stated otherwise. I no longer accept deviantArt points because the website no longer allows me to convert points to USD. I allow vouchers, meaning you may buy a commission for someone else or someone else may buy a commission for you.

  • May I repost art or designs I have purchased from you on another website?

  • Character hosting sites such as Refsheet and are welcome, but you will need to ask before uploading to another platform with proper credits to my art or designs. This allows me to prevent theft of my work. I file a LOT of DMCAs. Pinning my work on Pinterest is allowed as long as it retains the source link to my account or artwork. I will remove unsourced pins, but I won't file a strike against your account, no worries!

Commission Overview

  • USD via Paypal accepted. I only do payment via invoices.

  • Each additional character is +75% of the original price.

  • In the case of Lineart commissions, a PSD of your file may be purchased for 15$ for you to color as you please.

  • Base commissions cost the Lineart + 15$ PSD cost, as well as a one time +15$ fee for any and all lineart differences you want drawn.

  • Bulk orders of the same commission type carry a 5% Discount for each additional item! For example, three 20$ static regular icons will cost 54$ instead of 60$ (-3$, -3$).

  • Commission types without a preexisting example are available at a 15% Discount!

  • Payment plans are available on orders 100$ and above. I will work on your commission in accordance to payment tiers. For example, a clean lined and shaded partial full image for 250$ will be completed to lineart upon the 100$ down payment, colored at 150$, shaded at 200$, and fully rendered upon the 250$.

  • Fullbody pieces with backgrounds may come with a transparent cutout of the character if the artwork allows for it. If this is something you want, notify me beforehand so I may adjust the layers accordingly!

  • I may charge additional prices depending on complexity of the character (for example a Flight Rising dragon level of detailing would cost more than a canine character!)

  • I can draw humanoids, anthros, and ferals. I will draw original and media characters.

Commission Prices

Rough Lined Fullbody
Uncolored Sketch 30$
Flat Sketch 40$
Shaded Sketch 50$
Rough Flat 75$-125$
Rough Shaded 100$-150$

Clean Lined Fullbody
Lineart 100$-150$
Flat 150$-200$
Shaded 200$-250$

Lineless Fullbody
Rough Lineless 50$-75$
Rough Painting 75$-100$
Clean Flat 100$-125$
Clean Shaded 150$-175$

I use cell shading and detailed soft shading combined.
I use 3-4 shading layers and 3-4 lighting layers on clean lined work and 1 shading and 1 lighting layer on rough lined work!


Rough Lined Chibi
Uncolored Sketch 25$
Colored Sketch 30$
Rough Flat 40$
Rough Shaded 50$

Clean Lined Chibi
Lineart 30-40$
Flat 50-75$
Shaded 75-100$

Crayon Chibi
Simple 30$
Medium 40$
Complex 50$

Lineless Chibis
Rough Lineless 30$-55$
Clean Flatcolor 50$
Clean Shaded 75$

Sticker Chibi
Flatcolor 25$
Shaded 30$

The amount of detail and shading will vary depending on character complexity! Complex Crayon Chibis work very well for ARPG credits!I use cell shading and detailed soft shading combined.
I use 3-4 shading layers and 3-4 lighting layers on clean lined work and 1 shading and 1 lighting layer on rough lined work!

Mini Images

Rough Lined
Uncolored Sketch 50$
Colored Sketch 75$
Shaded Sketch 100$
Flat 125$
Shaded 175$
Clean Lined
Lineart 175$-225$
Flat 250$-300$
Shaded 300$-350$

Rough Painting
Partial 50$
Fullbody 75$
Rough Lineless
Partial 100$-125$
+20$ for animation
Fullbody 150$-175$
+30$ for animation
Clean Lineless
Partial 150$-175$
+25$ for animation
Fullbody 200$-225$
+50$ for animation

Mini Images are transparent pictures of your character in or over a small scene.
I use cell shading and detailed soft shading combined.
I use 3-4 shading layers and 3-4 lighting layers on clean lined work and 1 shading and 1 lighting layer on rough lined work!

Full Images

Rough Lined
Partial Sketch 75$-125$
Fullbody Sketch 100$-150$
Partial Flatcolor 150$-200$
Partial Shaded 175$-225$
Fullbody Flatcolor 200$-250$
Fullbody Shaded 225$-300$
Clean Lined
Partial Lineart 100$-150$
Fullbody Lineart 150$-200$
Partial Flatcolor 200$-250$
Partial Shaded 250$-350$
Fullbody Flatcolor 300$-400$
Fullbody Shaded 400$-500$

Rough Painting
Partial 100$-150$
Fullbody 125$-175$
Rough Lineless
Partial 150$-200$
Fullbody 200$-250$
Clean Lineless
Partial 250$-350$
Fullbody 300$-400$

  • Full images feature your character fully in an environment taking up the entire canvas. If you are looking for a Desktop backgrounds, please give me the desired dimensions so I can adjust accordingly!

  • Roughly lined images lack detailed inking and weighting, and come in limited color palette options!

Headshots and Busts

Regular Bust
Rough Lined
Uncolored Sketch 25$
Colored Sketch 30$-50$
Rough Flat 40$-65$
Rough Shaded 50$-75$
+5$ for background
Clean Lined
Lineart 40$-60$
Flat 50$-75$
Shaded 75$-100$
+10$ for background

Lineless Bust
Rough Lineless 30$-50$
+10$ for background
Clean Lineless 40$-60$
+20$ for background
Painted 50$-75$
+30$ for background

Symmetrical Headshot/Bust
Sketch Headshot 20$
Simple Headshot 25$
Medium Headshot 35$
Painted Bust 45$
Bust Badge 55$

Lockscreen/Phone Background
Simple 50$
Medium 75$
Complex 100$

Forum Signature
Simple Flatcolor 30$
Simple Shaded 50$
Complex Flatcolor 75$
Complex Shaded 100$

Headshots and Busts do not carry a complexity charge!


Static Pixel
Single (50x50)
Headshot 20$
Fullbody 25$
Linked (50x50)
Headshot 30$
Fullbody 35$
Group (50x100) 30$

Animated Pixel
Single (50x50)
Simple (3-5 Frames)
Headshot 30$
Fullbody 35$
Complex (6-10 Frames)
Headshot 40$
Fullbody 45$
Linked (50x50)
Simple (3-5 Frames)
Headshot 35$
Fullbody 45$
Complex (6-10 Frames)
Headshot 45$
Fullbody 55$
Group (50x100)
Simple (3-5 Frames) 30$
Complex (6-10 Frames) 40$

Regular Icon
Small (100x100-150x150)
Lineless 15$
Lined 20$
Large (200x200-300x300)
Lineless 20$
Lined 25$
Couple Icon
Small (100x100-150x150)
Lineless 20$
Lined 25$
Large (200x200-300x300)
Lineless 25$
Lined 30$

Animated Icon
Small (100x100-150x150)
Wiggle (2 Frames) 15$
Simple (3-5 Frames) 20$
Complex (6-9 Frames) 25$
Large (200x200-300x300)
Wiggle (2 Frames) 20$
Simple (3-5 Frames) 25$
Complex (6-9 Frames) 30$

  • Headshot and bust are the same price and depend on the character and commission. Circle and Square options available.

  • If you have a specific website or size in mind please state so!

  • Pixel Icons will receive both the original size and the enlarged file I will upload for display purposes.


Regular Pixels
Small (100x100-250x250)
Lineless 35$
Flatcolor 50$
Shaded 75$
Large (275x275-400x400)
Lineless 50$
Flatcolor 75$
Shaded 100$

Box Pixels
Small (100x100-200x200)
Lineless 35$
Flatcolor 45$
Shaded 55$
Large (250x250-300x300)
Lineless 55$
Flatcolor 65$
Shaded 75$

Full Pixel Images
Small (100x100-250x250)
Lineless Partial 50$
Lineless Fullbody 75$
Lined Partial 100$
Lined Fullbody 125$
Large (300x300-500x500)
Lineless Partial 75$
Lineless Fullbody 100$
Lined Partial 125$
Lined Fullbody 150$

Pixel Keychains
Flatcolor (50x100-200x250) 30$
Shaded (50x100-200x250) 45$

Pixel Portrait
Lineless (75x75-200x200) 25$
Flatcolor (75x75-200x200) 35$
Shaded (75x75-200x200) 45$

  • You will receive both the original size and the enlarged file I will upload for display purposes. The enlarged file does not make the pixel a large type.

  • You will be able to choose from three different shading styles, Simple, Complex, and Stylized. The Simple and Stylized shading styles will remain the same but Complex will cost an added 10$ for small pixels and an added 15$ for large pixels

Pixel Animations

Animated Pixel Portrait
Lineless (75x75-200x200) 45$
Flatcolor (75x75-200x200) 60$
Shaded (75x75-200x200) 75$

Floating Pixels
Small (150x150-250x250)
Lineless 55$
Flatcolor 65$
Shaded 75$
Large (300x300-400x400)
Lineless 65$
Flatcolor 85$
Shaded 100$

Pixel Bob
Small Bob (100x100-150x150)
Flatcolor 50$
Shaded 75$
Large Bob (200x200-400x400)
Flatcolor 75$
Shaded 100$

Simple Animation
Small Animation
(100x100-250x250) (2-5 Frames)
Flatcolor 75$
Shaded 100$
Large Animation
(275x275-400x400) (2-5 Frames)
Flatcolor 125$
Shaded 150$

Complex Animation
Small Animation
(100x100-250x250) (6-10 Frames)
Flatcolor 125$
Shaded 150$
Large Animation
(275x275-400x400) (6-10 Frames)
Flatcolor 175$
Shaded 200$

Fully Animated Pixel Image
Small Image (100x100-250x250)
Simple (3-5 Frames) 125$
Complex (6-10 Frames) 175$
Large Image (300x300-500x500)
Simple (3-5 Frames) 200$
Complex (6-10 Frames) 250$

  • You will receive both the original size and the enlarged file I will upload for display purposes. The enlarged file does not make the pixel a large type.

  • You will be able to choose from three different shading styles, Simple, Complex, and Stylized. The Simple and Stylized shading styles will remain the same but Complex will cost an added 20$ for small pixels and 25$ for large pixels.

  • Understand that the more frames used will make the animation smoother, and complex characters will be more detailed in a larger pixel!

Reference Sheets

Reference SheetsCharacter Reference
Simple 100-150$
(Drawing of the character, Headshot, Basic Info, Palette)
Medium 150-200$
(Drawing of the character, Headshot, Chibi, Palette, Wording of your choice)
Detailed 200-250$
(Drawing of the character and any alternate forms, 1-2 Headshots, 1-2 Chibis, Palette, Extras, Wording of your choice)
Complex 250-300$
(Drawing of the character and any alternate forms, 2-3 Headshots, 2-3 Chibis, Extras, Palette, Wording of your choice)

Species Reference
Partial Traits
Rough Lined 20$
Clean Lined 30$
(Base amount: 5 partials)
+5$ each additional trait
Headshot Traits
Rough Lined 40$
Clean Lined 50$
(Base amount: 3 headshots)
+10$ each additional headshot
Halfbody Traits
Rough Lined 60$
Clean Lined 70$
(Base amount: 3 halfbodies
+15$ each additional halfbody
Fullbody Traits
Rough Lined 80$
Clean Lined 100$
(Base amount: 1 Fullbody)
+50$ each additional fullbody

Species Base
Chibi Sketch 25$
+2$ for 5 additional traits
Chibi Rough Lined 50$
+3$ for 5 additional traits
Chibi Clean Lined 75$
+4$ for 5 additional traits
Regular Sketch 50$
+5$ for 5 additional traits
Regular Rough Lined 100$
+7$ for 5 additional traits
Regular Clean Lined 150$
+10$ for 5 additional traits

  • If you want a reference sheet but lack a previous picture reference of the character, it is +75$ extra for a design fee.


Doodle Pages
Small (1-2 Fullbodies, 2-3 Chibis, 3-4 Headshots)
Uncolored 100$
Flatcolor 125$
Shaded 150$
Medium (2-3 Fullbodies, 3-4 Chibis, 4-5 Headshots)
Uncolored 150$
Flatcolor 175$
Shaded 200$
Large (3-4 Fullbodies, 3-5 Chibis, 5-6 Headshots)
Uncolored 200$
Flatcolor 225$
Shaded 250$
+25$ Flatcolor complex characters
+50$ Shaded complex characters

Base Price 10$
+5$ for each additional panel
Set of five 15$
+2$ each additional emoji

FlightRising Skins and Accents
Accent (10-30%) 2500gems/25$
Skincent (31-70%) 5000gems/50$
Skin (71-100%) 7500gems/75$
Custom recolors of existing accents are half price!

I can do multiple characters and interactions in doodle pages.
Memes are stupid drawings of your character over whatever you want. If you don’t have a specified image in mind I will torment your OC as I see fit.

Custom Designs

Concept Customs
Doodle 25$-50$
(Lineless concept. Not a full custom, priced by complexity)
Sketch 50$-75$
(A sketch with only one concept. Not a full custom, priced by complexity)
Outfit Design Reference 50$
(Lineless sheet of three)
+10$ for each additional outfit
Accessory/Weapon Design
(Weapons come with scabbard/sheath)
One 15$-25$

Full Customs
Simple 100$
(Design no accessories)
+10$ for winged designs
Medium 125$
(Medium Design + Accessories)
+10$ winged designs
Complex 150$
(Complex Design + Accessories)
+10$ winged designs

Species Custom
Sketch (Design, Info)
Personal Rights 100$
Commercial Rights 150$
Simple (Design, Base, Info)
Personal Rights 150$
Commercial Rights 200$
Medium (Design, Base, Traits, Info)
Personal Rights 200$
Commercial Rights 250$
Complex (Design, Base, Traits, Variants, Info)
Personal Rights 250$
Commercial Rights 300$

  • These are the base prices of tiers. All tiers may have additional art added at a rate of a headshot added for +$10, a chibi added for +$15, and each additional form to a design is +$25. I review design prompts and the cost on a case-by-case basis based off of how much I have to draw.

  • Redesigns of an existing character run at a 5% discount of the base price!

  • On a budget? Doodle and Sketch designs are great! You can order a simple 15$ lineless Doodle Design with an additional form for +25$ for 40$ total, rather than the 75$ price tag of a 75$ lined Simple Design with a +25$ additional form.

  • Personal Species Designs grant you the rights to make and use the Species as you please, whether for personal or noncommercial public use. Commercial Species Designs grant you the right to sell and distribute the species for public use or use it in published works. I retain all rights to my work and design credit is needed.

  • An additional quick lineless mockup of markings such as a wing design, moving or difficult to see parts, or alternate palettes may be included free of added charges to clarify the design.

  • I do small edits free of charge and one additional full revision if desired. Any additional full rendition will be +$10 each.

  • I want to work with you to make you a custom you are happy with and will use. If you give me a multiple paragraph prompt, the final design might be complicated! If you feel it is too much, tell me! This is your character!

Commission Ordering

  • I take private commissions or open specific first come-first serve posts.

  • Contact me on any site to place an order.

  • On flat commissions I may add slight shading in places I feel need it, free of charge

  • I work better with more artistic freedom, but info about the character's personality helps!

  • Your order may take anywhere from a day to several months due to medical problems and school. Please keep in mind when commissioning me that I am physically disabled, and it may affect my ETA. I only ask that you be patient with me!

  • If I appear to take a long time feel free to bug me about it a lil or if I seem inactive just shoot me a message on discord (catboy marx#9452). I'm fairly laid back when dealing with customers, don't be afraid about asking!

  • I take payments via Paypal Invoice. Please do not send payment until you receive the invoice.

Commission Terms of Service

  • The client must read, understand and agree to all terms. By entering a transaction, the client confirms that they have done this.

  • I, the artist, reserve the right to decline any commission prior to payment without explanation, and to cancel and refund commissions prior to completion without explanation.

  • Rude, inappropriate or offensive behavior will not be tolerated, and may result in declined, refunded or cancelled commissions and / or blacklisting.

  • I will not sell adoptables or designs to, or knowingly create works featuring characters owned or designed by, people on my blacklist.

  • I, the artist, reserve the right to edit my blacklisted clients list without public explanation.

  • Breaking these terms will result in declined, refunded or cancelled commissions and / or blacklisting.

  • I will not draw NSFW, this includes fetish content. The purchase and sale of adult oriented content is explicitly forbidden in Paypal's terms of service and can have legal consequences.

  • I will however draw gore.

  • I will not draw pieces or characters promoting, glorifying or condoning: pedophilia or sexualization of things relating to childhood; incest; sexual abuse or abuse; hate speech or hate symbols; racism, sexism, xenophobia, antisemitism, Islamophobia, LGBTphobia, and/or bigotry; bestiality/zoophilia or themes relating to bestiality/zoophilia, including explicit content of feral fictional creatures such as dragons.

  • I will not create NFTs, and none of my work may be used as an NFT. Commissioning art from me does not grant you the copyright to produce NFTs of the piece.

  • No complaining about the cost. They're not expensive. Art is a luxury item.

  • Be ready to communicate with me about your order, if I ask you something about the order and you do not respond to me for more than two weeks I may cancel your commission and refund you accordingly.

  • You can withdraw/change your order at any time unless I have already started. You must notify me about any changes regarding your commission before I start working or the initial order will remain intact.

  • I do not give full refunds if I have already started your commission. I'm open to discussing it if you would like to cancel. For example, if I have already sketched and lined it, I'll give you the partial piece and refund the money equivalent of the part I haven't finished (color, shading).

  • Inappropriate usage of charge-backs may result in declined or cancelled commissions and / or blacklisting.

  • If I have made a mistake in your commission (i.e. forgot a marking or an accessory), let me know! Chances are I've already noticed it after submission and am fixing it, but customer satisfaction is important to me and I want to complete your commission to the best of my abilities! Don't be nervous about pointing it out!

  • Do not remove my signature or claim the art as your own but you may use the piece after you purchase it.

  • Using commissioned works as headers, avatars, or other means of profile decoration is permitted so long as credit (link or @) is clear and visible.

  • You may upload the image to, however if you wish to upload it to your gallery, tumblr, etc. you must ASK. This is just so I can keep track of where my art is, I don't want thieves! When uploading you must credit me!

  • Uncredited reposts or reposts made by people who are not the client will have platform-based reports and/or DMCA claims filed against them.

Design Terms of Service

  • You may redesign, resell, trade, etc. It's your character, do as you want. I never revoke designs and you may rest assured that your character is yours.

  • While character ownership is yours, I retain all copyright to my designs as my intellectual property. I may repost my designwork as examples of my own portfolio!

  • Credit for my designs is appreciated on any references or profiles, however it is not required. You simply may not claim to have created the design.

  • My blacklist is private, and available upon request. Please do not knowingly trade or sell my designs to anyone on my blacklist, however unknowingly doing so will not result in any strike against you, don’t worry!

  • Any and all NSFW created of my designs MUST be of a character of legal age (18+ or equivalent for their species) and any FERAL NSFW (including fantasy animals) is PROHIBITED. (Anthro or Humanoid is fine.) Failure to abide by these basic rules will result in BLACKLISTING. I do not revoke designs.

  • You may reupload the design to any reference gallery/profile (i.e. or at will, but as with my regular artwork, you must please ask before reuploading to another site or gallery, and credit me for the artwork and design if you do so.

  • Changes and adjustments can be made while I work, but any changes or additions to your design after I have completed it will cost an extra small fee. This doesn't apply to when I am sending it to you for approval, but rather if you come back later and ask for an edit!